Many Lives of Engineers

“My sport helped me develop the discipline I needed to be able to manage the classes and school work required for chemical engineering. The love for swimming helped me decide how I wanted to direct my future, which led me to having a passion for engineering.”

—Alexandra Wooden, sophomore, chemical engineering; member, 2016 Pac-12 championship swim team

“Computer science requires you to constantly think about algorithms and solving problems, and the sound of the water allows me to clear my head and makes it easier to think. On the other hand, the experience in problem solving helps when I need to react fast and change my game plan in the middle of the race. Engineering and swimming are very connected in my life, and I don’t think I could excel in one without the other.”

—Pawel Furtek, junior, computer science; among USC’s all-time top 10 swimmers in the 1000y and 1650y free