The Many Lives of Engineers

Neda Maghsoodi
WiSE Gabilan Assistant Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

“I grew up in Isfahan, a city in Iran where a passion for art and heritage is part of the shared culture. My fascination with painting began as early as the age of 6 and has increased ever since. I have chosen to be self-taught in painting, because exploring various tools and techniques without formal training enables me to expand the boundaries of my capabilities. For me, every new brushstroke is not just a mark on canvas but a stroke of courage and creativity. Painting cultivates my intellectual exploration in science and drives me to explore new research areas.”



Paul Ronney
Department Chair, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

“Much of my research involves identifying the limits to physical phenomena, as opposed to measuring their properties within known limits. Sometimes I’ve contemplated my own limits. When my daughter started participating in equestrian vaulting, which is essentially gymnastics on horseback, I wondered if I, too, could stand on a moving horse. While my skills pale in comparison to hers, the hours of practice with Hercules and the guidance of patient coaches have paid off.”



Meredith Lapidas
B.S. ISE ’24

“Contortion is an art form that twists the limits of human capabilities, and I’ve always been captivated by entertainment that ushers in new experiences. This fascination is why I compose magical realism poetry — it serves as a conduit, bridging the imaginative mind and the wondrous world beyond a bend. My artistic endeavors inspire me to guide creative change in the world, and my ISE studies are dedicated to pioneering technological innovations for environmental initiatives.”


Aditya Hariharan
B.S. CS ’24, and B.M. Classical Guitar – Performance ’24

“The guitar has been my companion since I was 8 years old, offering a sanctuary of tranquility amid the whirlwind of algorithms and code. Engaging in this pursuit allows me to step back, offering a fresh perspective that is both meditative and insightful. In the quiet moments with my guitar, I find a unique harmony that enhances my focus, enriches my creativity and fine-tunes my problem-solving skills. In the synergy of music and technology, I discover the rhythm of innovation and the melody of inspiration.”