Courtesy Dan Ragussis / FormShort

Mystery Trojan

Our mystery Trojan resides in a city of brotherly and sisterly love, where she consorts with dragons as the dean of the school of engineering — the first woman to hold this post.

Her path began in a place stricken by drought yet surrounded by ocean. After fighting on for her B.S. in environmental engineering, she became a bulldog bent on finding ways to keep Earth’s most precious resource clean and safe.

Armed with a doctorate in chemical and environmental engineering, she spent the first 14 years of her teaching career in a city known for being situated beside a once-mighty river. She ascended to associate dean and was awarded the distinction of fellow by an alphabet soup of scientific associations.

But ambition can’t wait, so she spread her wings toward the eagles’ roost. Here, she continues her long-standing efforts to attract a diverse student body to engineering, to champion women faculty in STEM fields — and to keep pathogens out of your salad greens.

This mother of four, NPR lover, classical guitarist and college sports fan is the recipient of the Mark A. Stevens Distinguished Alumni Award for 2023.

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