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Wanderer, There is No Road

Adam Smith / Art by Niklas Asker

Model Mentors and Mentees

Adam Smith / Photos by Hugh Kretschmer

In This Issue

The Viterbi Algorithm at 50

Adam Smith, Photo by Jeffrey Fiterman

USC Viterbi meets “Game of Thrones”

Adam Smith; Illustrations by Dave Murray

Garden Party

Ashleen Knutsen, Photos by Noe Montes

An Act of Violence, or Just a Mannequin Challenge?

Amy Blumenthal; Illustration by Harry Bloom

When the gym shut down, she put on boxing gloves

Daniel Druhora, Photos by Noe Montes

The Good-Doers

Daniel Druhora; Photos by George Sampson

Apple of His Eye

Marc Ballon

A Better Way

Marc Ballon

Orange Alert

Amy Blumenthal; Illustration by Jon Proctor

Made in America

Marc Ballon

My Superpower Is Geometry

Adam Smith; Art by Sah Tantivaranyoo

Cancer in the Time of Algorithms

Daniel Druhora, Photo by Gus Ruelas

Let’s Make a (Virtual) Deal

Greg Hardesty; Illustrations David Curtis

Paying It Forward

Marc Ballon; Photos by Jeffrey Fiterman