Popcorn and Jetpacks

We know about their research, but do you know how professors and students spend their Friday nights? How they come up with new research questions? And why they became interested in engineering in the first place? Listen to the new USC Viterbi podcast “Popcorn and Jetpacks” to find out! We’ll take you behind the scenes at USC Viterbi to find out what makes our world-class researchers tick and learn about the latest groundbreaking engineering research.



Episode 1: Laughter and Autism

One of the social interactions that autism spectrum disorder affects is laughter, which is a complicated dance of sounds, cues and timing that most of us take for granted.

Episode 2: More Lasers

Andrea Armani is a powerhouse researcher, and her lab has many irons in the fire, but a few of the projects underway involve optical computing, biodetection and a wearable sensor that detects ultraviolet light exposure.

Episode 3: Help Me, Robot!

Professor Maja Matarić is an internationally recognized socially assistive robotics expert. In this episode, find out how Matarić sees robots fitting into our everyday lives in the near future.