A House Divided

Cain and Abel. The Hatfields and McCoys. Chocolate and peanut butter.

Over the decades, there have been a handful of fierce rivalries, but perhaps none more passionate than Trojan versus Bruin. Identical twins Ryan Fox and Patrick Fox know firsthand about the intensity of that epic clash.

Ryan attends the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, majoring in mechanical engineering. Across town, Patrick studies civil engineering at UCLA. “My parents are all about a ‘house divided’ things,” Ryan said. “My dad, if he wears a USC shirt one day, he has to follow it up with a UCLA one.”

Despite their respective school allegiances, the brothers get along quite well — most of the time. “I actually root for UCLA when USC is not playing,” Ryan said. “However, when we do play UCLA, we are always texting back and forth getting at each other. It’s a rivalry.”

Twin Engineering Brothers: (from left to right) Patrick Fox (UCLA) and Ryan Fox (USC).