The Viterbi Acronym Quiz

Decipher the Alphabet Soup of USC Viterbi

It’s no secret that engineers are fond of acronyms. They are to the engineering world what legalese is to lawyers and what medical technology is to doctors. “Acronymization” has created entirely new areas of specialization with their own “speak.” As new technologies and processes emerge,
the acronym pressure is ratcheting up. On the flip side, acronyms streamline engineering-speak, like, “Make sure you PVT that PCB before the EPM MPs it.” This is a lot easier than saying, “Make sure you complete a product verification test on the printed circuit boards before the engineering project manager sends it to mass production.” ¶ We at USC Viterbi are not immune to the engineering appetite for brevity. Try your hand at deciphering the acronym-laced world of USC Viterbi research labs and student organizations.