The USC Viterbi Initiative

The USC Viterbi School of Engineering has already raised more than $290 million on its way toward its established goal of $500 million.

Visit the USC Viterbi Initiative page for more information.

USC Viterbi’s fundraising goal supports transfor- mative faculty, students and curricula and fosters global-impact research while supporting engineering advances through innovation and entrepreneurship. It is the most exciting chapter in the school’s history, build- ing on more than a century of excellence.

At USC Viterbi, we know that fulfilling the potential of engineering as an empowering force in society relies upon the excellence of our students. Therefore, recruit- ing and retaining top candidates are at the heart of our campaign.

The need for scholarship and fellowship support is more urgent than ever. We are constantly competing with other leading academic institutions for the best and the brightest. We never want to lose a potential student because we didn’t have the ability to help them.


Through scholarship support, we can ensure that USC Viterbi has the financial resources to offer compelling aid packages, thereby enabling the university to attract top students. Because of our academic breadth, they will be part of an exciting environment rich in resources and opportunities. They will become future leaders — leaving USC with a well-rounded background — and will go on to succeed in a global economy as well as con- tribute to solving the world’s problems.

Scholarship and fellowship endowment provide re- sources that have a long-lasting and meaningful impact, not only on the students who pursue studies at USC, but also on the university itself and the world beyond. Gifts to support USC Viterbi students ultimately translate into discoveries, innovations, leadership and insights that will touch thousands of lives for many generations to come.

We invite you to join us in supporting the USC Viterbi mission and vision.