The USC Viterbi Initiative

On Sept. 21, USC Viterbi held its second annual Scholarship & Fellowship Dinner at Town and Gown on the University Park campus. It was a night that celebrated the impact of generosity and the importance of support by bringing together philanthropists and their scholarship recipients, allowing them to share stories and spend quality time discussing all things engineering. Donors saw and heard, up close, what some of our best students are doing, while those very students shared their heartfelt gratitude with the individuals behind their scholarships.

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Scholarship support has become a vital part of a USC education, and those who have given back have created a lasting legacy of their own. For example, Newport Beach, California-based Regina Hunsaker, B.A. ’64, and Richard Hunsaker, B.S. ’63, established the Richard Hunsaker Civil Engineering Scholarship in 2004, decades after the USC Viterbi alumnus co-founded the engineering consulting firm Hunsaker & Associates.

Their approach to support is as meaningful today as ever. “We appreciate all that USC has given to us,” Regina Hunsaker has said about her time on campus. “We want young people to have the same opportunity we did.”

The event perfectly represents Dean Yannis C. Yortsos mission and vision: Scholarship support is a top priority at USC Viterbi that allows us to attract and retain the best students. With competition for enrollment at an all-time high, USC Viterbi’s goal is to ensure that the most qualified applicants are not lost to other schools due to better scholarship offers. As important, scholarship support generates long-term impact, as USC Viterbi is building a pipeline to ensure sustained excellence. Recipients of USC Viterbi scholarship funds are future leaders who will make important contributions to society, so the lasting effects are significant.