Are You “Googley” Enough?

USC Google ambassador Adena Bauer’s 5 tips on fitting into Google culture


Adena Bauer, a senior in the Computer Science and Business Administration (CSBA) program at USC Viterbi, is currently USC’s Google ambassador. When a USC student is hired to work at Google, Bauer is one of the first people they see. As the unofficial gateway to Google, she helps students get acclimated to the culture and prepares them to work for the internet company.

Google looks for “Googley” people who love to take on challenges, she said.  Are you driven, smart and friendly? Congratulations! You are “Googley.”

Adena Bauer’s five tips for working at Google:

  1. A “Googley” employee is driven, inclusive and quirky. A Googley employee understands that she or he has the power to make an impact.
  2. When you get to Google, don’t be afraid to own your projects from the get-go. Be empowered to make decisions and speak your mind.
  3. The best way to succeed at Google is to navigate ambiguity, be flexible, figure it out on your own, and find success in obstacles and challenges.
  4. Google employees are diverse, innovative and happy. Google employees are team players and always looking for new challenges!
  5. Don’t let the idea that Google is “too hard to get into” get in the way of applying. Everyone has a shot. Work hard, seek out opportunities, and give it your all.