Photography by Angel Ahabue

Welcome to “The Circuit”

USC Viterbi, NAE launch national engineering news show for social media.

Imagine a world where engineers and engineering receive the same breathless coverage normally reserved for politicians and entertainers.

Look no further than “The Circuit,” a weekly social media news show that showcases the latest and greatest innovations in engineering. Launched in February during National Engineers Week, the show is a collaboration between USC Viterbi and the National Academy of Engineering.

Every Thursday, “The Circuit” delivers a new episode via popular social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube. Each episode delves into the cutting-edge technologies and engineering innovations that shape our world for the better.

“The Circuit,” the first national engineering news show created for social media, is hosted by Omar Lewis, a former Emmy-nominated broadcast journalist. Weekly episodes range from the latest engineering breakthroughs to sharing how engineers provide joy of living with VR attractions like Two Bit Circus.

The show has already captivated audiences with reports of mind-blowing engineering feats. In one segment, Assistant Professor Carson Bruns of the University of Colorado Boulder showcased a “smart” tattoo designed to enhance and track personal health. Another episode featured engineer and YouTuber James Hobson, who created the world’s first lightsaber: a retractable, 4,000-degree Fahrenheit colored blade capable of slicing through nearly anything.

But that’s not all! “The Circuit” has also highlighted engineers from Wilson Sporting Goods who have developed a 3D-printed, air-less basketball, potentially revolutionizing the game. And if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love the segment on the era of drone-delivered ice cream — an exciting glimpse into how technology is transforming our everyday experiences. A recent episode even featured engineers at Mattel who contributed to the creation of Barbie.

By featuring expert analysis, leading influencers in engineering, and the latest technological developments, “The Circuit” brings engineering to life in a fresh and accessible way.