Photo/Peter Shin


“In addition to many unique master’s programs that attract female graduate students, the Viterbi School has world-class female faculty who often are mentors to these students,” said Kelly Goulis, senior associate dean of graduate and professional programs.

Among these world-class faculty are a number of the world’s top innovators, according to MIT Technology Review’s annual list of “35 under 35” in industry and academia. In the past six years, USC Viterbi has been home to 10 such top global innovators, including six women.

In addition, with an undergraduate population that is 35 percent female — including a fall 2015 freshman class that is nearly 39 percent women — USC Viterbi has made significant strides. Nationally, the share of female engineering degrees stands at 19 percent.

Dean Yannis Yortsos noted: “Changing the conversation about engineering so that it becomes appealing to all, and particularly to girls and women, is a necessity. Today’s world is driven by intellectual property generation. Engineering is right in the middle of it: It empowers society. Our economy and ultimately our national security will be won on the strength of this competition. And we want all of our society — and notably our girls and women — to be equal partners in this evolution.”