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The USC Viterbi Startup Garage is one of the nation’s only engineer-led startup incubators. In partnership with Kleiner Perkins and others, Garage companies have raised more than $10.5 million in investment capital.
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Home to more engineering grads than any region in the U.S.
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USC Information Sciences Institute: Birthplace of .com, .net, .edu, and the first operational quantum-computing center in academia (USC-Lockheed Martin Quantum Computation Center). USC Institute for Creative Technologies: Home to the state of the art in virtual reality and motion graphics.
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Innovation Node – Los Angeles / USC Viterbi School of Engineering: One of only seven NSF Innovation Corps hubs in the U.S. Catalyzing new startups from 10 universities, including founding collaborators USC, UCLA and Caltech, as well as UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UCSB and Cal State LA.